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 SENIOR ACCOUNTANT Job In Dubai responsibility

 1. Run a monthly analysis of the total cost of the branch versus net sales.

2. Manage cash and process payments. Follow the cost booking and send the bills weekly to the head office for approval. Request the check to the branch office for cash payments.

3. Prepare daily reports and forward them to the store manager and financial manager for review. These include a daily sales and collection report, a sales tracking report, a debtor's age-appropriate report, a detailed report on the redemption / retention check, the main cash transaction report and the Petty Cash Transaction Report. The reports provide a management tool to monitor daily business.
4. Create a monthly attendance sheet and forward it to the head office for salary preparation. This sheet forms the basis for timely payroll. After the salary has been approved, the salary is paid for the month

5. Carry out a monthly expense booking - Salary and Salary, Vacation Salary, Tip, Amortization, Rent, Advance Payments, Provisions and Provisions.
6. Prepare the payroll of employees on vacation and at the end of the service.
7. Keep records of stationery, assets and employees.

8. Consultation with the Human Resources Department for the renewal of the visa and the processing of new visas.
9. Generate and send monthly sales and summary reports and pending report reports.
10. Deposit Cash and Checks daily to Bank. Responsible for the security of cash and checks. Maintain the bank account and reconciliation of the bank account. Make sure that the money transported is within the money transport insurance.
11. Pay the supplier's payments according to the approved credit terms.
12. Carry out a monthly reconciliation of the branch office of the main offices against v / s. Identify missing entries, make sure the bank bookings are correct, and reconcile the customer account. Also do a reconciliation of intra-group transactions.
13. Post-HO correction entries such as fuel, vehicle, stationery, overheads, telephone, etc. on a monthly basis.
14. Generate additional MIS reports as needed, including typical account reports such as trial balance, profit and loss. Coordination with internal and external auditors for occasional audits.
15. Monitor and secure the revenue from discounts at the suppliers.

Credit sales control

1. Make sure that credit customers have approved credit application forms with supporting documents according to the loan process. Maintain a detailed customer report. Monitor and update documents such as loan application forms and make sure changes are made. Keep a copy of the customer's valid trading license.

2. Support the sale of credit customers by contacting customers for pending payments and providing age-appropriate reporting on customer contributions. Make the customer's account confirmation monthly and reconfirm it with the customer account in the company records. Conduct a monthly reconciliation of the customer accounts and monitor the payment against outstanding fees / return checks and hold checks.

3. Monitor loan sales above the approved credit limit, review the invoices based on the customer's local order (LPO), delivery note, and check the profit margin of the product being sold. Make sure the management's approval is below the minimum selling price.

4. Ensure that the approved repayment term of a customer is verified during check cashing. Make sure that the management approves the check data later than the approved payment term. Make sure that the check you receive is the company check or the check approved by the management.

5. Follow-up for return exams and holding exams. Make sure you are no longer selling in case of payment defaults, inform the sales manager concerned, and provide the store manager with this feedback and necessary documentation for necessary legal action.

6. Update the journal with Post-Date Checks (PDCs) to get the current check-position.

7. Follow-up for the release of payments and checks. He may also contact the business owner at the request of the relevant sales manager or branch manager. Issue formal correspondence to defaulting customers if repeated calls / promises are not met.

8. Contact the Branch / Company Manager if you have a customer outage or out of period. Initiate proceedings before a police / civil procedure.

9. The correct allocation of the payments received from the customer against the respective sales invoice of the month and any payment default of the respective month should be communicated to the customer on the same day for payment.
cash sales

1. Update the journal with the money received to get the current cash position.
inventory control

1 Prepare credit and debit for daily reconciliation of customer account and inventory update.

2 Monitor inventory movements by reviewing inventory records, negative stock, and inventory changes on the book. Inform the store manager and store manager and take the necessary corrective action.

3 Participate in the periodic and annual inventory process.

Other responsibilities

1. Obtaining the approval of the management for repairs and maintenance of branches and follow-up by contractors / site management.

2.In addition to the approval of the management to carry out the registration and renewal of the company vehicle.

3. Coordinate the purchase of stationery as needed for the proper functioning of the establishment.

4. Keep a record of the original company documents (business license, lease, chamber of commerce license, fire protection agreement) and company property (car key, storage safe).

5. Pay the rent of the branches, the civil defense and the water and electricity bills on the due date.

6. List repair and maintenance logs in the company files.

7. Discuss work issues as needed with Branch Manager, Finance Manager.

Company industry
Accounting Auditing

Department / functional area
Accounting / Taxes / Audit / Corporate Secretary 

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